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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Psychic Jane Doherty: Return to Babylon Anomalies in Silent Movie

I had an interesting email from the producer of a silent movie called, "Return to Babylon." It wasn't a media request, but a plea for help to understand the anomalies
in his movie. Bewildered, he asked me to take a look at clips from his movie.
There were anomalies in those clips that peaked my interest and FULLY got my attention.

So, we agreed to talk. He was upset and did not know what to conclude about his unfinished movie. The repeated anomalies in his movie confounded the editors of his movie. And the anomalies managed to stop production and put the movie "on-hold".

Now, of course, I could understand why he was upset. I have been on this same road but with a different twist. How do you get others to believe you are having a problem with "ghosts!". For years, I have had to fight the ridicule of the non-believers and the scorn of the die-hard skeptics, until I refused to allow "others" to infringe on my personal perceptions. All of us have unique perceptions based on our own personal experiences.

As I listened to Monty's anguish, I comforted him with my belief that it was certainly possible those anomalies were images of "ghosts". He, of course, asked, by why me?.. Why did this happen? I asked him a few questions. And from what I could tell these anomalies caused all kinds of production problems, and unflattering comments of disbelief from colleagues.

Of course, I related to his problem and told him that reaction was to be expected.

I was intrigued by the fact that this movie is a "silent movie" based on the silent movie era!.. That fact stood out in my mind's eye, every time I quieted myself and got into my psychic mode to ask for guidance.

Finally, I told Monty. Let me meditate on this and let me see what I receive psychically before I go into some possible explanations. So, we agreed to talk again in a few days, so I could look at the clips again, study them and meditate on them.
Also, there were questions I wanted to formulate and ask him, too, before I psychically keyed into the movie. We agreed and set a time in a few days to talk again.

Stay posted for my interview with Monty.. and my initial psychic impressions in my next post by Monday.


View Monty's "Return to Babylon" trailer

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Indiana Jones and Temple of the Crystal Skull

Hi everyone,

I went to the cinema last night to see the Harrison Ford Movie. I was curious to see What the movie would say about the Crystal Skulls and their meaning in today's world.
Some of you are aware that I own crystal skulls that are purported to be ancient.

I use these skulls in my readings. They are always present with me at a seance. Sometimes, I display them and sometimes I just keep them in a small case I put under my chair during a seance.

There have been rumors about the purpose of the crystal skulls for years. Supposedly, there are 13 large skulls that will be found and brought together. These skulls will have power when activated that could change the world. At the very least there is information encoded in the skulls that will eventually be revealed when the skulls all come together.

During the last 12 years, more skulls have been discovered that are of varying sizes.
In fact, I have been contacted by caretakers who bought or found skulls in other countries for my opinion of the skull in his or her possession.

I find these artifacts quite fascinating and do believe there is a purpose for the recent interest in crystal skulls.

Now... the movie... Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull is released and becomes a blockbuster "hit" over memorial day weekend.

Could the movie cause an increase in interest in the crystal skulls? I would imagine that now is the time... for us to perhaps understand or at least postulate on their purpose if any.... Lucas, Speilberg and Ford have set the stage for our increased curiosity.

Did I think the movie revealed a message?
Yes... subtle.. I think it planted a seed for a greater interest in them.

Was the portrayal of the purpose of the skulls accurate according to my knowledge?


Could the skulls really have power?

Yes.. there is energy in crystal and I believe the shape has purpose, too!

Go see the movie and check back to my blog..

I am going to post info on my skulls and some thoughts on the purpose of the skulls for the next 2 weeks or so. If you have questions, let me know.
You can email and I will answer them on the blog.. email me at

Monday, March 10, 2008


Practice making quick decisions when you order food, choose clothes, make
entertainment plans. Do not second guess yourself. Make the decision and stick
to it! Psychic impressions come in quickly so you need to train your mind to think
quickly. By making quick decisions you help to develop that area of your brain
that receives the psychic in-put.


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Quote For Reflection or Inspiration

"If one speaks to God, you're considered religious. But if God speaks back to
you, you're considered psychotic."

Alexandra Holzer

Dr. Hans Holzer's daughter

There will be more information on my blog about Alexandra and
Dr. Hans Holzer in the near future.
Growing Up Haunted: A Ghostly Memoir by Alexandra Holzer
The Spirit Connection by Dr. Hans Holzer

Sunday, March 09, 2008


We are all born equal but only some people create the life they really want,while others struggle with unhappiness throughout their lives. Yet, we all possess equal amounts of the same creative power within our minds. Most people, however, do not recognize it, believe in it, know how to tap into it or use it. The magic is in believing. You must believe the power exists before you can tap into it.

Do your wishes come true? Do the goals you set get easily accomplished? Do your daydreams ever become fulfilled desires? If your answer is yes to more than one question, then you are probably already living a "charmed" life able to manifest what you desire. If you answered no, then you are like most people. you haven't learned how to tap into this unfailing power.

Before you can tap into this creative power you need to know more about how the mind and body are connected, as well as, how your thoughts can influence your life. Your mind is a part of your body,but it functions separately from your body and has its own electro-magnetic energy.

Your body is surrounded and infused with electromagnetic energy. Every cell in your body is electrically charged and contains the image and pattern of your body indelibly imprinted in each cell.If a cell is destroyed, other cells take its place and function in the same way as the cell it replaced. our cells have no intelligence of their own. A cell does not know where to stay or where to go, until it receives its orders from intelligence. The cells in your body actually follow the direction of your mind. Therefore, your mind is a key in creating your future, once you know how to use it.
How and what you perceive is expressed in thought, which is intelligence in action. Each thought is electrically charged by your mind and can only be expressed through form. The thought must seek manifestation in the physical world. It it can not express outside the body, then it will express itself in some form inside your body. All thought seeks to fulfill its destiny and purpose. Repressed thoughts can cause a short circuit in the body, clog your system and cause physical and emotional illness. Can you now imagine just how powerful a thought can be?


1. Learn how to relax. Meditate to open your sixth sense. your creative power is
strengthened if your extra-sensory perception is full functioning.

2. Believe it is possible or your efforts will end in failure.

3. You do not think in words. Instead you think in pictures. Therefore, visualize
what you want.

4. Picture the mental image strongly and persistently to reach the creative level of
your mind.

5. Do not just give it a quick glance or the mental image will register in your mind
only as "wishful thinking" and not what you want to create.

6. There is no limitation in time and space unless you put a limit to it with your
wishful thinking. If you hold a mental image, support it and have faith, and it
will keep working for you.

7. Practice patience. Do not try to "force" what you're picturing to come true. It
will block the outcome of what you are trying to do.

8. Remember to picture the outcome in your mental image as thought it has already

9. Do not forget to "feel" what you desire.

10.Stay positive and don't give up believing in your success to create.

Source: How to Foresee and Control Your Future by Harold Sherman,Fawcett Gold Medal Books,1970

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

2008's Unpredictability

2008 has started off with an indescribable energy field that I can't quite psychically perceive.
For me the new year usually starts off with a great deal of excitement, expectation and feelings of renewed hope, but I am a little perplexed by the start of 2008.

It seems that on the second day of January the usual exciting energy of the new year seemed to dissolve into a neutral energy for me. So much so that I am reluctant to perceive the year at the moment and post my predictions. I am sure these ambivalent feelings will end but for now I have to address my anxiety. To me anxiety can indicate global situations that are potential problems for the world.

Yesterday, Jan. 7th, I woke up feeling overwhelming anxious. Anxiety is not a usual emotion for me. In fact, when I can't control the anxiety or release it, in the past it has indicated a world crisis or accident that affects a lot of people. This happened before the start of the first middle east war, just before the attack on the world trade center, just before the tsunami a few years back, just before the foiled assassination plan years ago on Clinton just to name a few of the previous times I have felt overwhelming anxiety. Now, I don't want to say that there is going to be a war or terrorist attack, but I think something is brewing that is major.

When I couldn't shake this anxiety, I turned on the news to see if I could identify why I was filled with so much emotion. Then I heard about the navy incident involving Iranian speed boats and President Bush going to the middle east, as well as the analysis of the primary election predictions. My anxiety didn't abate. It grew stronger and I have not relaxed yet.

The Iranian incident makes me feel that Iran is trying to provoke us into war. An explosion in the middle east is exactly what some countries there are covertly trying to create. Islamic extremists have infiltrated deeply within Iran, Syria and other middle east countries. That incident has me very uneasy. I believe there will be more that we will encounter.

Bush's visit to Israel has me uneasy. I do not think I will be able to relax until he is back on our soil. Something there will be averted, but there is some sort of violent attempt on Bush's life- which may be covered-up.

With our presidential election taking place in 2008 the extremists passionately want to disrupt our democractic process and cause confusion and "change" within the US in order to make us more vulnerable. Let's face it. The current administration may not be "loved" but that same administration has avoided terrorists attacks on our soil even if we are naive enough in thinking there have been no other attempts since 9-11! There have been close situations in which the public has not been made aware. Missile systems on airplanes?....Why-unless there is information we are not privy too that may warrant that action in order to prevent an attack!
Increased security in NYC more than a year ago because of info of a threat to blow-up tunnels and bridges?

I do not yet feel safe, and secure enough to no longer remember 9-11.
Once this current anxiety leaves me, then I can safely perceive what 2008 will bring for us. Until then, I do not expect to post any predictions until February. Instead, I will say prayers for Bush's safe return, peace in the middle east, and the end of the reign of Islamic extremists.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Spears loss of children by Judge's ruling predicted by Psychic Jane Doherty Dec. 2006

My 2007 Star predictions published in the Detroit Free Press in December 2006 included a prediction about Britney Spears. It was also heard on Comcast Cable's Barry Nolan Show, Chicago's ABC news and Palm Springs NBC news. In the media it was an abbreviated prediction,"Britney Spears will lose custody of her children in 2007."

Today, October 3, 2007, Britney will give-up her custody rights to Federline, her former husband.

Making predictions about celebrities is not my favorite thing to do, but it has become a popular type of prediction. Why? The public has a fascination for celebrity news, so the media will often ask psychics for celebrity predictions.

Star predictions,however, and global predictions are the hardest to predict, simply because a psychic doesn't have an emotional connection to celebrities or global situations to make it easy to see the "future". Reading someone in front of you or on the phone is easier because there is a vibration to "see" ,"feel" or "hear" that can be tapped to see into the future of that person. Global situations do not give-off those same type of vibrations and stars, well, you have to be a celerity gazer to pick-up their future without being in their presence.

Am I a Britney Spears fan? No! So how did I "foresee" this celebrity news? It took intense concentration and focus on her image while my eyes were closed. Then an image of her crying in a courtroom flashed in the dark space behind my eyes. As I focused on why, I heard the words "children". Then I verbally interpreted the words as her loss of the children in a custody battle.

A few weeks after I made this prediction a divorce settlement was announced between Britney and Kevin, which included joint custody of the children. I dismissed the announcement as a temporary situation and still felt that the "future" I saw for Britney would happen before the end of 2007.

So, October 1st's surprise ruling fulfilled the 2007 prophecy I predicted about Britney in December 2006.

There are other accurate predictions I will post on my blog just so you can see what does materialize.

The following is the exact quote on my blog ," Britney Spears will make a comeback in the music arena, but will lose her mother-hood status in the courtroom. Her unsightly antics will continue in 2007 and she will either outright be denied custody of her children or given a stern warning/probation about custody of her children."